„Fleischkäse“with sunny side up

fried egg and fried potatoes



 Egg salad with fried potatoes



 Sausage salad with fries

or fried potatoes




Paprikaschnitzel with fries and

Side Salad



jägerschnitzel with fries and

Side Salad 




Rahmschnitzel with fries and

Side Salad





A1- c -


currywurst with fries

3 - 5 – 6 – 10

Currywurst red with fries



Minced steak

 with sauce and fries

(Cream - hunter or Paprika sauce)

7-A1- C



Side Salad

(1,9,10, C, J, A1)


Mixed salad platter

With raw vegetable salads, cucumber, tomatoes

(1,9,10, C, J, A1)


Nice salad

with tuna - onion raw vegetable salads, cucumber, tomatoes and egg (1,9,10, C, J, A1)



Greek salad

with feta, tomatoes, raw vegetable salad, cucumber and olive

(1,9,10, C, J, A1)


Italian salad

raw vegetable salads, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, olives, egg ham and cheese (1,9,10, C, J, A13, 5,6,)



Salad flat turkey

Tomatoes Cucumbers Leaf salad Various raw vegetable salads Turkey breast strips (1,9,10, C, J, A1)